Style Chart

By: Rick L. Mee

          1.0 Axle style, wings sticking clearly out at the sides, good velocity, would go as high as 1.3 if really spinning fast

          1.1 Axle style, wing tips barely visible when viewed from underneath, great velocity, would go as 1.4 due to the same above reason

          1.2 X wingers, not necessarily fast in velocity, just acceptable 1.3 X winger, fast, would go as high as a 1.4 if they were real fast, but never as high as a 1.5 due to inferior style to H

          1.4 A style, a definite 1.4, never more or less, never saw a real slow one, and would not give them a 1.5 or above due to inferior style to H style

          The 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 are all capable of showing some degree of hole from the side, the 1.0 and 1.1 can not.due to wing position while spinning

          1.5 Open H style, in other words wide H with no flare out making it a X style, and not starting to exhibit the ( ) yet. These seemingly roll with very good velocity, but not as fast as the closed in H, or narrow H. The difference between the wide H and narrow H is not solely dependent upon breast width, in some it is dependent upon velocity, the narrow H being the faster IMHO.

          1.6 Narrow H

          1.7 ( ) Bowed in wings, awesome velocity

          1.8 () Bowed in wings, more narrow and more tightly compact than the 1.7

          1.9 Solid ball

          2.0 Absolute blur

          The last five are capable of showing the hole when viewed from the side due to their correct wing style, as well as the 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 styles, however the 2.0 does not show a hole as it is a solid blur.